Meet the Team

With a talent for balancing the high flying entrepreneurial, and often mercurial world, with the commercial realities, Liv Jones has always had a talent for saying it like it is, and simplifying the overly complex. With global sales experience, a background in design, a double degree and besting her year in Business Law, there is very little this woman can’t do, or at least pretend she does and work out a way to make it happen in record time.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and always working with forward thinking and fast paced organisations, the challenge of growing RBT alongside her husband from the ground up was just another amazing opportunity that provided a platform to grow a family legacy while utilising their respective talents for explosive growth. From one gym, to the 21 RBT gyms currently, and growth for 2019 set for another exponential year, it certainly has been a ride to remember. Not to mention has grown with 2 Children , Finn who is 1 and Jax who just turned 4.

Small Business Performance Coaching grew out of their joint love of scaling businesses, and the challenge of working across different industries, but their love of the fitness industry and passion for how it changes loves, they focus on growing fitness businesses globally, to increase the impact and reach of health and fitness across the globe. As if that wasn’t enough, the challenge of marketing for their businesses meant scale was inevitable and Attain Media was created. Focussed on Social Media ROI based Lead Generation for SMEs around the world. Not only that they started Strength Through Pilates, and a Family Foundation If Not Now Then When, with lots more to come.

Travis Jones is the founder of the Result Based Training Group.

With vision, sacrifice and his trademark relentless determination, he built RBT from the ground up, from an empty warehouse to the vibrant and market leader it is today.

The name RBT has become synonymous with excellence, knowledge, support and above all results. 7 years later, 2018 there are 21 RBT gyms in 2 countries, and growing fast.

Not satisfied with being just another number, and with a desire to help others, extending beyond the gym floor, TJ didn’t stop there. Travis has also launched Small Business Performance Coaching with his wife, coaching small businesses to 7 figures, Attain Media, providing ROI based lead generation for SMEs,, the software that will change the face of Fitness and the family foundation If Not Now Then When.

With TJ, you never know what is coming next. In everything he does, Travis challenges you to be the best you can be, to achieve all the goals you set and then exceed them.

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2010, Liam Donnelly quickly began his entrepreneurial journey by opening his own Physio Clinic inside of a small medical facility west of Melbourne.

Quickly realising that clients and bookings weren’t going to appear from thin air, Liam delved head first into Google Adwords to try and drive more business into his clinic.

It should be noted that even Liam is first to admit that his initial results with online marketing were terrible! But it wasn’t long until he cracked the code and stated to get colleagues and other health & fitness professionals reaching out asking him to help run google and Facebook ads for their business too.

Fast track to nearly a decade later, Liam has used his online marketing experience to launch an online fitness program that hit 6 figures in it’s first year as well as a very successful consulting company that specialises in digital advertising and copywriting.

Liam is surf obsessed. Surfing every day as well as a self-proclaimed coffee-snob! He now lives with his wife Lani and their 6 year old staffy Brooklyn on the Sunshine Coast beaches of Queensland, Australia.

Bernice Liew joined Think Tank in November as a Growth and Scalabilty Coach.

When she shares advice, you better take down notes. One, because she has a wealth of experience under her belt. Two, she loves talking so much she’ll die if you don’t let her.

She holds a bachelor degree in Accounting & Finance from Charles Stuart University, Australia. She was involved in many business startups from various industries: IT Solutions, Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Optical, Finance, Education & Training, B2B Services, Luxury Membership Club & Gaming.

With 9 years of experience specialising in business development and creative market planning, Bernice helped launch the Certificate in Social Media Programme, NPQ Business Portal and Corporate Social Media Marketing programme - all hugely successful.
Of course, she doesn’t stop there.
Her passion led her to start her own marketing firm called Worldwide Marketing Specialist - helping businesses realise their full potential by enhancing their brand’s ‘human touch’.

Her love for travel, experiencing good food and enjoying stunning scenery led her to Melbourne, Australia.

Now she’s part of Think Tank and you can bet your company will grow to new heights with her expertise.